Regular Activities

Summer Monthly Meetings
These are normally held on the 2nd Wednesday, February to April, then September to November (No meetings December and January). We meet at the Narre Community Learning Centre, Malcolm Court, Narre Warren. (Melway 110-E6). Doors open at 6.30 with the meetings commencing at 7.00 pm. After a short meeting for general business, we then have a Guest Speaker who will talk on a subject of interest to Seniors. After the speaker, there is time for a social chat over a tea or coffee and the drawing of a door prize.
Melway 110-E6 Copyright Melway Publishing 2013.
Reproduced from Melway Edition 37 with permission.
Winter Monthly Meetings
For the months of May to August, we move to an afternoon meeting time, together with a change of venue to the Berwick Anglican Church, 55 Peel Street Berwick (Melway 111-F5).The doors open at 12.30 pm with a chance to chat over a tea or coffee and nibbles until the formal part of Meeting starting at and ending before
Melway 111-F7 Copyright Melway Publishing 2013.
Reproduced from Melway Edition 37 with permission.

Other Regular Activities
We also have several social groups including a Dine in Daylight GroupEvening Dine Out Group and Morning Melodies. Our monthly newsletter, The Berwick Banter, includes upcoming dates as well as reports on activities and other items of local interest.

The Dine-Out Group meets monthly at a local restaurant for a meal on either a Thursday evening or a Sunday for lunch. The Thursday are normally less busy allowing for quieter conversations, the Sunday lunches allow us to venture a little further. Occasionally the group meets for late breakfast or early lunch, e.g. Yum Cha. To enable as many as possible to attend, we select the venue’s based on popularity, cost and travelling time. Would you like to attend a future “Dine-Out” activity? If so, then contact Peter on 8751 2319).

Morning Melodies is usually the first Monday of the month at the Berwick Inn. A small but dedicated group has regularly attended and we would like to see more there. If interested contact Annette (9700 2666) as bookings are essential. The cost of $15 includes a morning tea (coffee and cake), an hour show and lunch from a set menu. Sometimes special events will cost more, e.g. Christmas